Arthotel Tornedalen
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nature is our luxury

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Arthotel Tornedalen is highlighting cultural heritage, and is part of a vision to create  a Centre for Arts and Culture  in Tornedalen. 

Logotype created by the artist Fredrik Wretman

we love ART



SILENCE and privacy


Arthotel Tornedalen offer accommodations in peacefulness and privacy with focus on high-end amenities in fully renovated typical Lapland country houses from the 20th century. 

We are beautifully located at the banks of Torne river with an amazing view across to Finland.

We tailor your visit year round, and we offer homemade food with local produce from our own kitchen. 

exclusively for you

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we are flexible

Book a flight and we take care of the rest, it can be as simple as that.  When you are here we tailor your stay and activities, and take care of all your needs.

We are a small facility, suitable for groups from two up to twelve persons. Everything is close by and you do not need to go anywhere else. Outdoor fireplaces and a wood heated out door sauna brings you health.

Relax from your daily life. 






We love skiing


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arctic life


We want to share the beauty of nature, how to make a fire, how to cook outdoors and how to enjoy the tranquillity.

In the forest by the fire experience the Arctic sky with glittering stars and in summer the Midnight sun. 

Life can be as simple as that. 


birding in tornedalen



Gunhild Stensmyr, CEO and owner

welcome to my paradise in tornedalen 

Sauna polska music from Tornedalen

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easy to find us


Easy to get here

We are far north in Sweden at the border Sweden Finland, an arctic village with only 62 nice and friendly people.

You get here by flight with SASNorwegian or Finnair.
The closest airport is Kemi in Finland less than one hour from us.  Luleå in Sweden and Rovaniemi in Finland are about 2 hours drive.  Oulu in Finland is three hours away.

Rental car should be booked in advance. Most rental car companies are located at the airport.

Flight to Helsinki and then by Finnish railway to Lapland and we pick you up at the station in Ylitornio or in Tornio 30 minutes from Arthotel Tornedalen.
Bus from Luleå Airport with Länstrafiken Norrbotten takes you to the door.  

Transfer option from Luleå airport is by Helicopter. I recommend it for sight seeing and it takes only some 30 minutes. Wouldn't it be amazing to explore Swedish Lapland from above. Helicopter from Luleå airport along the Baltic Bay directly to your door. We arrange this trip as well as the other transfer options.

Welcome to Arthotel Tornedalen 



lookout tower built for you

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