Made by love of art

Arthotel Tornedalen gets its name from my love of art. That is everywhere – from the rooms to the dining room, the library, the lounge, the lobby, and outdoors too, of course. My background as an art gallery director has naturally played a part in everything. Among the first works I bought was a large painting by Klara Kristalova.and over time more works have been added, by the most talked-about artists of our day. Most of the works in my collection are now in Arthotel. 

Every object you see or touch here has a story to tell, the new jostling with the old. There is no best-before date for creation and design based on knowledge, experience, beauty, love, and function thought through. Everything at Arthotel is hand-picked for you to have a genuine overall experience of creativity and design in a natural setting. 

Even the logotype Ah… is an artwork, created by Fredrik Wretman

Arthotel is not a newly built hotel complex. It is made up of completely ordinary houses that I have had renovated, and each one bears the name of the family that built it and made it their home, until I took over. Tolonen and Wennberg are in the middle of the village, and Anundi stands a little secluded in a forest glade. More buildings are waiting to be renovated. 

Still, the best part of my vision is the art gallery Konsthall Tornedalen– worth a chapter of its own.

Gunhild Stensmyr, Cultural entrepreneur 

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