Ski with an olympic champion

Ski trails from the door out to forest or to the ice and snow of Torne River. Your guide Åke Saloniemi is the best you can get; He’s the olympic champion of ski jumping and an expert on skiing conditions. But do not worry you will not jump just enjoy the glide on pure snow and bread the fresh air. No experience required and the activity is appropriate from four to five years old and above. Åke learns how to ski and tells you stories of his medals. A great day to remember. 


Let the children play...

Arthotel Tornedalen is a winter paradise for children. Fresh air, a brilliant white snow. The children will love it and will surely have a good night sleep after a day playing in the snow.


To perfect your winter holidays at Arthotel Tornedalen we have built campfires close to your accommodation. Here you can follow the moon’s progress across the polar sky and the magic dance of the Northern Lights. The fire makes your experience warm and cosy and you can stay out as long as you want.

Dog sledding

Experience a classic sled-dog tour, led by the owner Helénè Andersson, in the small village of Storträsk, only 27 km from Arthotel Tornedalen.  

Experience The Northern Lights all winter. Its free.

Experience The Northern Lights all winter. Its free.