my love of art

Arthotel Tornedalen gets its name from my love of art. That is everywhere – from the rooms to the dining room, the library, the lounge, the lobby, and outdoors too, of course. My background as an art gallery director has naturally played a part in everything. Among the first works I bought was a large painting by Klara Kristalova, and over time more works have been added, paintings by Klara, and by the most talked-about artists of our day. Most of the works in my collection are now in Arthotel. 

Every object you see or touch here has a story to tell, the new jostling with the old. There is no best-before date for creation and design based on knowledge, experience, beauty, love, and function thought through. Everything at Arthotel is hand-picked for you to have a genuine overall experience of creativity and design in a natural setting. 

Even the logotype Ah… is an artwork, created by Fredrik Wretman

Arthotel is not a newly built hotel complex. It is made up of completely ordinary houses that I have had renovated, and each one bears the name of the family that built it and made it their home, until I took over. Tolonen and Wennberg are in the middle of the village, and Anundi stands a little secluded in a forest glade. More buildings are waiting to be renovated. 

Still, the best part of my vision is the art gallery Konsthall Tornedalen– worth a chapter of its own.

Yes, I have consulted a professional to create the vision – none other than the rising star Christian Halleröd, who has been my rock in the renovation process. Not only that, Christian has also designed the sauna, and some of the furniture for Arthotel. 


Welcome to my old home region in Tornedalen.

Gunhild Stensmyr



PB_0515_01 .jpg

House Tolonen

_46A3177 kopia 2.jpg

House Wennberg