Like being in someones’ home

Arthotel Tornedalen is designed for individuals, families and small groups. 

We offer peacefulness and privacy with focus on high-end amenities and personal service through out the stay. 

Arthotel Tornedalen offers the essence of village life and culture year round. The delight of pure nature and clean air is  overwhelming, as is the beauty of light summer nights and the arctic winter with pure white snow, full moon, polar starry sky, and Northern Lights. Experience the greatness of Arctic country life, and like being in someone’s home.

Our activities are custom tailored for perfect match and comes always with a private professional nature guide. Guests are part of the village life, and villagers are more than happy to invite Ah… guests for dinner or fika. In winter we take the kick sled to the neighbors. 

Gunhild Stensmyr

owner and CEO



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House Tolonen

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House Wennberg